Because of these uncertain times, we've created a FREE health affirmation track that you can play anytime during the day to strengthen your body & mind to protect you from falling into fear thoughts that can ruin your health overnight. It only takes 4 minutes and 37 seconds to listen to, but the results over time can be life-changing.

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What Affirmations Are Included Within This Track?

  • Why is it so easy for me to feel so healthy and happy right now?
  • My immune system is getting stronger and stronger everyday
  • It's so easy for my body and mind to let go of and recover from any and all disharmonies
  • I love myself unconditionally no matter what happens outside of me
  • I focus my mind on the positives in my life right now
  • I choose to keep my body healthy and in shape on a daily basis
  • I choose to focus on the abundant health I already have right now
  • I choose to feel hopeful for a brighter future and grateful for my life right now
  • I am grateful for the abundant health I have right now
  • All of my cells are vibrating with joy, peace, and harmony right now

How Can I Use My Health Affirmation Track?

woman waking up in bed with alarm clock

When You Wake Up

Right when you wake up, your brain is still in the receptive theta or alpha brainwave state, which makes it more impressionable to messages.

young man exercising and drinking water

While You're Exercising at Home

When you exercise, your brain gets activated in different ways and gets oxygenated. By listening to your affirmations, you can create new neural connections & even repeat them out loud!

woman falling asleep in bed

Right Before You Fall Asleep

Just before you fall asleep, your brain starts moving into the receptive theta or alpha brainwave states, which makes it more impressionable to messages.

woman sleeping with headphones

During Sleep

While you're sleeping, your conscious mind is inactive and your subconscious mind is still taking in information from your senses. It's mindset programming on autopilot!